Frequently asked questions

There are many types of new roofing suitable for different environments, aesthetics and applications. Speak to one of our Roofbuddy consultants today and they will talk you through all the options, brands, prices, products and connect you with roofing companies to collect quotes on the right roof for your needs.
At this stage Roofbuddy is only available for re-roofing, new build roofing and commercial roofing. In the future we intend to extend our service to repairs, maintenance and painting but at this stage quotes for these services are not available on Roofbuddy.
Roofing has 3 important warranties to consider for your new roof. Perforation (the structure of the roofing) - usually 30 years. Paint (the aesthetics of the roofing) - usually 18 years. Workmanship (the quality assurance on the installation) - usually 5 years. These warranties vary between products, brands, companies and environmental category classification. Our consultants will talk you through all of this and make sure you understand what's available, what to expect and what to look out for.
Roofing jobs come in all shapes and sizes. Small garages and granny flats can be done in a day and bigger more complicated jobs can take a month or more. Our Roofbuddy consultant will be able to give you a good indication of what to expect in terms of job timeframe, disruption at the property and expected lead times.
Getting quotes for can be time consuming, confusing, inconvenient and disappointing. Have a 10/10 experience instead with Roofbuddy. We answer the phone, visit in person, take the time to talk through all the options and present you with 5 competitive quotes from the top roofing installation companies in New Zealand. When the job is finished, our qualified roofer (LBP) will check over the entire job and present you with a report; giving you confidence that everything is up to the manufacturers standards and the building code prior to final payment. Get practical assistance, quality assurance, impartial advice and support throughout the entire process with Roofbuddy.
Payment can be made with all roofing partners via online bank transfer. Credit card payment may also be possible and Roofbuddy also has finance facilities available for you to look at; if you want to pay the investment off over time.
Roofbuddy specializes in real people. We answer the phone, visit your property and take the time to talk you through the entire process. Proceed with confidence knowing that you have the best information and quotes at your fingertips and impartial advice from a Roofbuddy consultant to assist you throughout the process.
Roofbuddy makes roofing easy. First we speak with you in detail about the work you want done and establish the scope of work, what products you are interested in and when you would like the work done. Then we prepare a customized report and extensive description of the works (including photographs and measurements) for our roofing partners and obtain 5 competitive quotes for you on the job. We help you get booked in with your chosen roofing company and once they are finished the work our qualified roofer (LBP) will check over the entire job and present you with a report; giving you confidence that everything is up to the manufacturers standards and the building code prior to final payment.
Suppliers for these supplementary services differ depending on what roofing partner quotes on the job for your enquiry. Some roofing companies provide an all inclusive service and others have companies they use routinely for things like scaffolding and supplementary building works; so will quote them inclusive of their scope of works and organize it for you behind the scenes. We will talk you through the entire process and help you understand what you are getting for your money, how much you are paying exactly, any exclusions and inclusions on the job and who is responsible for each aspect of the job depending on your preferences.
Roofing is a high demand industry and roofing companies and roofers are extremely busy. Attracting customers, answering the phone, doing site visits and preparing quotes are very time consuming workloads for roofers. Many partner with Roofbuddy to streamline the quoting process and fill up their diaries with work. Along with our excellent customer service skills we have proprietary report generating software that helps for quoting accuracy. Roofing companies pay a fee to Roofbuddy to partner with us and receive the opportunity to quote on jobs listed with us.